Once there was a little girl…

In her world animals spoke and objects had feelings. The girl grew up, and nothing changed. She became a Mom and celebrated her young daughters when their imaginations ran wild.

She wondered: if every child was encouraged to develop their ideas through stories, would they grow up to believe anything is possible?

Everyday Icing is a community for people who believe a really great story can unlock the potential for the future. It is a place where technology facilitates connection and creativity is limitless.

Our community

Childhood ends the moment a child begins to worry about the future.

Everyday Icing stories allow young people to explore, imagine and make-believe as long as they possibly can. In a world where technology is on the rise, nurturing creative thought is the most powerful gift to rise along with it.

The Everyday Icing community is built on human connection, and a little magic. As the community grows, we will expand how members engage with stories to inspire our readers in new ways. We are dedicated to using technology as a launching pad to connect.

About me

Our community

Shawna Robinson, Founder/CSO

Shawna Robinson -- Founder and Chief Story Officer

Insatiable curiosity, combined with a love for words and ideas, lead me to a career as an advertising copywriter. The belief in technology as a gateway to connecting lead me to create Everyday Icing to share my stories.

My daughters, my muses, give me permission to explore my creativity every day. It is my wish that every child knows what it feels like to get lost in a story with someone they love, and to grow up with confidence from someone believing in their ideas.

Please share Everyday Icing stories with the little (or big!) people that you love. I hope that it is the reason you need to carve out a sweet little moment during each and every hectic day.