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Everyday Icing short story collections are available in two soft cover bound books. They are oversized to make reading with a kid on your lap comfortable, and a larger interior font makes things simple for young readers or tired eyes at the end of the day. Each one makes a perfect birthday, teacher or any day gift!

Everyday Icing Layer One

Everyday Icing Layer One

A modern take on a classic storybook. This 2020 Royal Dragonfly Award-winning collection of 24 read-aloud stories will delight readers young and old while exploring the limits of your imagination 5, 10, or 15 minutes at a time.

Everyday Icing Stories for Sharing Book Two

Everyday Icing Stories for Sharing Book Two

Everyday Icing Stories for Sharing Book Two has 20 new heart-warming and inspiring read-aloud stories that will make your storytime magical. This follow up collection will take readers and listeners on imaginative adventures with animals, help explore the limits of the imagination and spark curiosity and creativity. With no illustrations, this modern take on a classic storybook is intentionally designed for young readers to nurture their own creative abilities. This collection is ideal for listeners ages 4+ who are interested in read aloud stories. Young readers will find the open font and larger font size easy to track sight words. Older readers will appreciate rich themes and discussion opportunities.

  • I love the fun graphics. I love that I can choose a story based on how much time I have. I love the fun stories and how everyone can relate to the topics. As a teacher, I love how the kids can make inferences and the story topics connect to so much curriculum.

    Mom of twins

    both age 9

  • I love that my children can just get cozy and relax as I read the stories to them and that they are tapping into their own imagination as opposed to being guided by pictures.

    Mom of three kids

    ages 5, 8 and 10

  • I love the stories because they are creative, have a great moral or spark discussion with the boys, and they are different than other stories we read. The boys laugh through many of your stories and just find them awesome!

    Mom of two kids

    ages 5 and 7

  • What lovely stories! I had a smile on my face the whole time. My 9-year-old son loved the stories as well. Thanks so much for writing them - we can't wait to read more!

    Mom of two kids

    ages 9 and 15

  • The book was NOTHING like what I was expecting, and I loved all the stories. They were so interesting and really fun to read.

    Grade 6 Student

    12 years old

About the author

About the author

Shawna is a multiple-award winning author from her debut short story collection. Her original stories offer an opportunity for kids to nurture their imaginations with an illustration-less format designed to hone our innate creative abilities.

Over 100 stories can be found at www.EverydayIcing.com for subscribers to enjoy. She has also 24 audio stories (and growing!) and kids meditations available to explore with a two-week free trial.

A rookie homeschooling Mom, Shawna shares her personal experiences and makes curriculum connections to her stories as well as providing tips and tools to support literacy and reading comprehension on her blog: www.EverydayHomeschoolStories.com