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Everyday Icing is a library of read aloud and audio stories for kids and an award-winning storybook. Start your 14-day free trial subscription today and make storytime your time to connect.

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Get instant access to read aloud and audio stories for kids that you’ve never heard before -- and will never forget.


The most magical 5, 10 or 15 minutes in your day.

Each story is organized each by the time it takes to read out loud. If you only have five minutes, Everyday Icing makes it magical. Fresh new stories are added every month.


Award winning storybook available for purchase.

Everyday Icing Layer One storybook is a 2020 Royal Dragonfly Award winning book. Now available for purchase, click on the SHOP tab to order your copy today!


Read aloud or audio story -- you decide.

Explore a variety of story formats and let Everyday Icing stories nurture your connection with your kids and inspire curiosity and creativity.

Start your free trial today.

Everyday Icing storytime takes you to worlds where anything is possible. Get started today with 14 days of free, unlimited library access.

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